More Noble Truths About Exascale

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Over at The Exascale Report, Mike Bernhardt and Doug Black continue their series of features on the Noble Truths of Exascale. And while they aren’t very encouraging, we’ll just cut to the chase here and list them:

  • The U.S. is unsure about Exascale
  • Private industry alone can’t get us there.
  • The discussion of the computation barrier to exascale has been pushed to the back shelf.

The entire exascale discussion is unfortunately morphing into ‘where else could we put our money’ discussions and having a negative impact on the HPC community – slowing down our progress – and impacting competitiveness across the board. We are seeing a tension – a conflict – among the various groups who equate HPC and exascale with ‘big iron’ and those who argue that the exascale journey will produce numerous technology advances and drive both advanced computing and scientific discovery forward. The tension is most apparent among those who feel Big Data research (and funding) should take precedence over HPC.

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