New Penguin Relion 2808GT Delivers Leading Compute Density for HPC Apps

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Today Penguin Computing announced the availability of the Relion 2808GT, a high-density server platform that supports eight GPUs or coprocessors in only 2U. Designed for scientific and engineering applications, the Relion 2808GT is tailor made for popular codes such as Matlab, Amber and Abaqus.

Penguin has been delivering integrated GPU computing clusters since the version 1.0 of this technology,” said CEO Charles Wuischpard. “The new Relion 2808GT platform in conjunction with the latest GPU and coprocessor technology delivers unprecedented levels of performance. The Relion 2808GT enables our HPC customers to further accelerate their research by shortening the time to result for their simulations.”

In terms of computational density, a fully configured server with eight NVidia K20 GPUs can achieve 28 TFLOPs of single precision floating point performance.

The Relion 2808GT will be displayed at the NVidia GPU Technology Conference from March 18 – 21 in San Jose, California. Read the Full Story.