SGI Clears Way to Sell IP or Other Assets

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Over at The Register, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes that SGI has rejiggered its credit facility with Wells Fargo Capital Finance ahead of a possible sale of intellectual property or other assets.

SGI CEO Jorge Titinger, who came on board a year ago, has made no secret that the company has been doing a comprehensive review of its assets and intellectual property to gauge its worth and potential items that it might sell. The company did a slew of low-margin deals, many of them in Europe, that saw Mark Barrenechea leave SGI in December 2011. Two months later, after SGI did the math and saw how these deals were not very for the bottom line, the company did yet another restructuring in its long history of such maneuvers, and a few weeks later, Titinger took over and tried to limit the damage that the nine deals, worth $87m, did to the company’s bottom line.

Morgan goes on to speculate that SGI might be looking to license its NUMAlink technolgoy to companies like Nvidia or Cisco. Read the Full Story.