Video: Intel's Concurrent Collections is a New Approach to Parallel Programming

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In this video, Kathleen Knobe from Intel presents: Concurrent Collections (CnC): A New Approach to Parallel Programming.

Instead of viewing the language design problem as one of providing the programmer with high level handles, we view the problem as one of designing an interface. On one side of this interface is the programmer (domain expert) who knows the application but needs no knowledge of any aspects of the platform. On the other side of the interface is the performance expert (programmer or program) who demands maximal flexibility for optimizing the mapping to a wide range of target platforms (parallel / serial, shared / distributed, homogeneous / heterogeneous, etc.) but needs no knowledge of the domain. Concurrent Collections (CnC) is based on this separation of concerns.

The presentation was recorded at CSCS in Switzerland. Read the Full Story.

In related news, CSCS will host the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Workshop in Lugano on March 13-15.