Avere Rolls Out First-of-its-Kind Hybrid Storage Appliance

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Hierarchical storage management is not new to the HPC crowd, but the idea of optimizing NAS may just be a new concept to many. This week Avere Systems announced that the company’s new FXT 3800 hybrid storage appliance can now automatically tier data across four media types: RAM, SSD, SAS and SATA HDDs, delivering maximum performance for the hottest files. At the same time, the device moves “cold” data out of the performance tier and onto SATA to minimize costs and shrink the data storage footprint.

The performance gains and cost benefits associated with our latest FXT Edge filer demonstrate the massive advantages of a hybrid approach that can precisely match the storage media to the data being accessed,” said Ron Bianchini, President and CEO of Avere Systems. “And when deployed as part of our edge-core architecture, it also delivers the flexibility businesses need to locate storage where it makes most sense for the business.

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