Brent Gorda on the State of the Lustre Community

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Over at the still-kicking Whamcloud Blog, Brent Gorda from Intel writes that the Lustre community is united and growing rapidly.

The quest to expand the vendor community has produced a vibrant Lustre vendor community with multiple product and service offerings that simply did not exist before. The website, for example, lists 23 Resellers. This is incredible commercial progress. And the technology development is accelerating quickly. I mean that in two dimensions! Code contributions have grown from 35k lines of code (LOC) in Lustre 2.1, to 50k in Lustre 2.2, to 85k in Lustre 2.3 and we expect over 200k LOC changes in Lustre 2.4. This is not inefficient, this is not bloat. In fact, it includes both additions and subtractions. What this shows is the growth of a maturing technology, with a wider and wider feature set with uses in more and more markets. For example, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), a data storage technique that facilitates the movement of data between high-cost and low-cost storage media, is coming out in Lustre 2.4. A major, long-awaited feature for enterprise customers, HSM will help accelerate Lustre use in the commercial high performance I/O space.

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