Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, OSC Continues to Evolve

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Over at the Columbus Dispatch, Spencer Hunt writes that, even after 25 years of operation, the Ohio Supercomputer Center continues to evolve. In fact, spare cycles from the center’s 88 Teraflop Oakley cluster are being made available to industry.

Depending on how it’s used, the cluster can take on multiple jobs and offer as many as 135 million “computing hours” a year. That’s key for Ohio researchers who otherwise would have to compete with scientists across the United States to log time at a national supercomputer center. There’s so much time that supercomputer center officials plan to make more of it available to businesses and industry. Executive Director Pankaj Shah said the center will form more partnerships with businesses that pay to use the supercomputer for such things as vehicle-collision modeling.

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  1. It’s the Columbus Dispatch. Because the OSC is in Columbus, Ohio–it’s the capital city.