Jack Dongarra Visits Europe's Largest Intel Xeon Phi Supercomputers from RSC Group

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Tornado Supercomputer. (Pictured from left to right): Oleg Aladyshev (JSCC RAS), Jack Dongarra, Pavel Telegin (JSCC RAS) Alexey Ovsyannikov (JSCC RAS) Boris Shabanov (Deputy Director, JSCC RAS)

In a recent trip to Russia, renowned HPC expert Jack Dongarra visited two of Europe’s top Intel Xeon Phi supercomputer sites deployed by RSC Group, the Russian leading innovative HPC solutions builder. As the first Xeon Phi supercomputers outside of the USA being already ranked by Top500 and Green500, the systems are deployed at South Ural State University (SUSU) and Joint Supercomputer Center of Russian Academy of Science (JSCC RAS).

Both SUSU and JSCC RAS are state of the art high performance computing centers with competent staff running the highly ranked Top500 and Green500 powerful and energy efficient supercomputers,” said Jack Dongarra. “The facilities both use RSC Tornado based systems with innovative liquid cooling and newest Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors which provide impressive high performance capabilities and energy efficient solutions to solve very demanding science research and engineering problems.”

Dongarra was very impressed by high level of energy efficiency and world record computing (up to 181 TFLOPS per rack) and power (up to 100 kW per rack) density while having a very small footprint because of RSC Tornado liquid cooling technology implemented in the those both Russian projects.

This is a very simple and economical way to do it – in terms of the used space and power – which provides a good environment for the computer systems as well as for the people who take care of it. I see here a rather small room being equipped by a very powerful supercomputing system. I think this is a good sign of the well done engineering and planning have gone into construction of this computing facility.”

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