LUG 2013 Kicks Off with Surprise Announcement from OpenSFS

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The LUG 2013 Lustre User Group conference kicked off this morning in San Diego with a surprise announcement of a change in the management structure for its governing body, OpenSFS. Norman Morse, who has been the CEO of the organization since it was founded in 2010, has resigned.


In his opening address, Morse called for called for continued unity in the Lustre user community.

The mission of OpenSFS and EOFS is still of critical importance to this community,” said Morse. “You, the Lustre community can be very proud of what you’ve accomplished. Lustre, at one time was a system in doubt. It increases every year now. It rose to become a feature-rich, stable, major file system. As we’ve seen recently, it’s no small feat to bring a Terabyte per second to disk. So the “little file system that could” has become “the big file system that can and does.”

“Unfortunately the success that you have created could attract selfish interests and political maneuvering from folks who want to help “manage” the Lustre success for their own personal gain. So I would say selfish interests and political maneuvering are enemies to the spirit and success of Lustre that has existed from the very beginning. I’m going to say that this community’s future is bright as long as you continue to work together.”

Following Morse’s talk, Galen Shipman from ORNL thanked Norm for his service and announced that OpenSFS will now move to a new “association management company” called VTM.

LUG 2013 continues through Thursday, March 18. Please stay tuned to insideHPC for more updates, interviews, and a full set of presentation videos.