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Molly Rector on Trends from Storage Networking World

Over at the Spectra Blog, Molly Rector writes that several trends came out loud and clear at the recent Storage Networking World conference.

The education track was excellent. I spent a majority of the three days attending the sessions, most of which were full or close to full throughout the day. From these sessions and conversations with attendees, a few topics and trends emerged including:

  • Cloud Interface Technologies. Evolving cloud interface technologies that allow movement of data between clouds.
  • SSD Hybrid Systems. SSD market is needing a few SSD-only appliances, and the true differentiation and larger demand for SSD-storage is in hybrid systems.
  • Data Growth. How to architect to deal with rapid unstructured data growth.

Molly also points us to this video from the conference, which is a parody of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. Backup has never been so catchy.

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