Mont Blanc Targets Scientific Applications for Energy Efficient HPC

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While many are looking at ARM-based processing as the future of energy-efficient HPC, it won’t get far without applications. Now, the Mont Blanc project has published a list of key scientific apps to be ported to the platform.

The Mont Blanc project aims to assess the potential of low-power embedded components based clusters to address future Exascale HPC needs. Among other objectives, we also aim to assess on the different generation of platforms made available by the project the behaviour of up to eleven real exascale-class scientific applications. These eleven real scientific applications, used by academia and industry, running daily in production into existing European (PRACE Tier-0 systems) or national HPC facilities have been selected by the different partners in order to cover a wide range of scientific domains (geophysics, fusion, materials, particle physics, life sciences, combustion, weather forecast) as well as hardware and software needs.

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