New ZeroCompute Utility Punts the Brontobytes

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In an April 1 blog post, Jason Stowe writes that his company Cycle Computing has launched new intelligent orchestration software called “ZeroCompute.”

ZeroCompute solves access to remote high performance cloud computing environments with a patent pending technology designed to accelerate access to HPC and BigData systems. This approach can simultaneously manage science that might normally require brontobyte datasets, and five hundred billion concurrent jobs. After years building Utility HPC & Utility Supercomputing software, Cycle’s engineers have discovered that the fastest way to execute any algorithm is to just not run it at all. Although seemingly obvious, by simply not running the science on any cores, we remove the computational challenges and data transfer bottlenecks of today’s BigCompute and BigData workloads. Because ZeroCompute “completes” the floating point in the nanosecond it takes the software to decide not to run anything, accordingly, the system exceeds a peak floating-point performance of over one billion petaflops, at a cost of $0.00 per flop.

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