Video: Latest Developments in Digital Manufacturing

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In this video from the 2013 National HPCC Conference, Dr. Jon Riley from NCMS presents: Latest Developments in Digital Manufacturing.

Twenty years ago General Motors reestablished manufacturing in China and ever since the complex world of global manufacturing has continued to accelerate. What often gets lost in this race is the need for the supply chain to keep pace. The world’s supply chain is comprised of 2,000,000 small and medium sized manufacturers (fewer than 500 employees) which are being tasked to keep up or shut down. At the same time these critical suppliers are being asked for more innovations, quicker and at lower costs. Unfortunately they do not have the technology required to keep pace. This presentation will present the complexity of the challenge ahead for all manufacturers, the opportunity available to those willing to collaboratively develop a solution and the current efforts at NCMS within their Digital Manufacturing Initiative.