Video: Lustre – Fast Forward to Exascale

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In this video from the Lustre User Group 2013 conference, Eric Barton from Intel presents: Lustre – Fast Forward to Exascale.

Back in July 2012, Whamcloud was awarded the Storage and I/O Research & Development subcontract for the Department of Energy’s FastForward program. Shortly afterward, the company was acquired by Intel. The two-year contract scope includes key R&D necessary for a new object storage paradigm for HPC exascale computing, and the developed technology will also address next-generation storage mechanisms required by the Big Data market.

The subcontract incorporates application I/O expertise from the HDF Group, system I/O and I/O aggregation expertise from EMC Corporation, object storage expertise from DDN, and scale testing facilities from Cray, teamed with file system, architecture, and project management skills from Whamcloud. All components developed in the project will be open sourced and benefit the entire Lustre community.

Download the slides (PDF). Check out more presentations at our LUG 2013 Video Gallery.