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Video: Warp Mechanics ZFS Array

In this video from the Lustre User Group 2013 conference, Josh Judd from Warp Mechanics presents: Warp Mechanics ZFS Array.

The WARP Mechanics 39830 is a turnkey network-attached non-volatile RAM + SSD system with industry-leading price, performance, and scalability. This system maximizes the IOPs performance for the most demanding application profiles. It is an ultra-dense space and power saving solution. This is optimal for large-scale IO intensive workloads with large live data sets. The 50x high capacity 2TB SSD modules per 4U enclosure are configured into five 10-disk RAID 6 sets to maximize protection and performance. Each RAID set has a two NV-RAM modules serving as write cache. These RAID sets are added to the overall ZFS storage pool and can be allocated to a nearly limitless number of any sized volumes presented to hosts. This yields a flexible 100TB of usable RAID protected SSD storage.

Download the slides (PDF). Check out more Lustre presentation videos at our LUG 2013 Video Gallery.

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