Video: The Sofware-defined Datacenter & RDMA in Virtual Environments

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In this video from the 2013 Open Fabrics Developer Workshop, VMware’s Josh Simons presents: The Sofware-defined Datacenter.

The software-defined datacenter vision took the industry by storm in 2012. It represents a prescriptive model that brings the benefits of virtualization to the rest of the datacenter. Expect to see the move towards a software-defined datacenter accelerate in 2013. Networking and infrastructure security represent some of the stickiest issues when it comes to the drive to a more agile data center. And because of this strong customer interest in SDDCs, you’ll also see more networking vendors and startups modify their roadmaps to steer towards a software-defined networking strategy.

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In this follow-up presentation, Bhavesh Davda from VMware gives a talk on RDMA in Virtual Environments.