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Archives for May 2013

Video: Solarflare and Altera Building Custom Compute Platform

One of the criticisms of FPGA computing for HPC has been a lack of useable programming tools. In this video, Russell Stern from SolarFlare describes how the company leveraged its experience with Altera FPGA tools for its AOE ApplicationOnload Engine. Computers have always been able to perform specific tasks with the addition of application software. […]

Dr. Bandwidth on Cached Access to Memory-mapped IO Regions

Over at John McCalpin’s Blog, “Dr. Bandwidth” has posted an in-depth look at memory-mapped IO (MMIO). For tightly-coupled acceleration, it would be nice to have the option of having the processor directly read and write to memory locations on the IO device. The fundamental capability exists in all modern processors through the feature called “Memory-Mapped […]

CUG Best Paper Describes Trillion-Particle Simulation on Hopper

The Cray User Group wrapped up in Napa Valley earlier this month with a team from NERSC winning best paper: Trillion Particles, 120,000 cores, and 350 TBs: Lessons Learned From a Hero I/O Run on Hopper. An unprecedented trillion-particle simulation, which utilized more than 120,000 processors and generated approximately 350 terabytes of data, pushed the […]

Radio Free HPC Looks at Why You Gotta Own Your Own Archive, Part 1

In Part 1 of this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the importance of owning your own archive of enterprise data. The discussion was prompted by Henry Newman’s presentation entitled: Today’s I/O Challenges for Big Data Analysis from the recent HPC User Forum in Tucson. Download the MP3 * Download the mobile video * Download 1024p Video […]

NCSA Taps 380 Petabyte High Performance Storage System

Today NCSA announced that its 380 Petabyte High Performance Storage System is now in full service production as part of the Blue Waters project. Described as the world’s largest automated near-line data repository for open science, the HPSS environment comprises multiple automated tape libraries, dozens of high-performance data movers, a large 40 Gigabit Ethernet network, […]

New Colfax Book on Programming Intel Xeon Phi Gets Rave Review

Over at Go Parallel, Jeff Cogswell has posted a glowing review of the new book from Colfax entitled: Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors. As readers of this blog well know, Xeon Phi coprocessors require some advanced parallel programming techniques. Colfax took it upon themselves to create a complete course for their […]

Podcast: American Science Struggles through Budget Cuts

In this NPR podcast, Tom Ashbrook looks at how the sequester and budget cuts are affecting American science and research. American leadership in science has been a given for most of the last century. About a third of science research and development in this country has been supported by the federal government. Funding for about […]

Eight Teams from Four Continents Selected for SC13 Student Cluster Competition

Eight student teams from universities in the United States, Germany, China and Australia have been selected to compete in the Standard Track of the Student Cluster Competition to be held at the SC13 conference, Nov. 17-22, 2013, in Denver, Colorado. This real-time, 48-hour non-stop challenge will feature teams of undergraduate and/or high school students building, tuning […]

SCSI Express: Extending the SCSI Platform of Innovation

In this slidecast, Marty Czekalski from the SCSI Trade Association presents: Extending the SCSI Platform of Innovation. SCSI Express is the robust and proven SCSI protocol combined with PCIe that creates an industry-standard path to PCIe-based storage. SCSI Express combined with SAS-based solutions provides unprecedented performance and low latency that enterprises demand. View the slides […]

Mellanox Rolls Out New Switch for Cost-effective HPC Clusters

This week Mellanox announced the new SX1012 Ethernet switch. Based on the company’s its SwitchX-2 technology, the SX1012 is a cost-effective solution for small-scale high-performance computing, storage and database deployments. The Mellanox SX1012 Ethernet switch is a great fit into small-scale storage and database applications, providing very high-throughput capacity in a compact enclosure,” said Gilad […]