New Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors to have Xeon CPUs On Board

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Over at Tom’s Hardware, Niels Broekhuijsen writes that new information has surfaced regarding Intel’s upcoming Xeon Phi coprocessors.

Intel’s product database has been updated, and it now shows five new Xeon Phi co-processors. These five are followups of the original Xeon 5110P, SE10P, and SE10X models. Two lighter Xeon Phi 3100 parts have shown up: a mid-end part, the 5120D, and two premium 7100 series parts. The main differences between the current Xeon Phi co-processors and the previous ones are the Xeon CPUs that are aboard, as well as the cooling blocks. Any model with the extension “*P” in the name has the passively cooled cooler, while others have the active drum cooler. The “*D” will not ship with a cooler.

If rumors hold, the new Xeon Phi coprocessors may hit the market this month. Read the Full Story.