Video: Aeon Computing Showcases Intelligent Disk Arrays with Lustre and ZFS

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In this video from the Lustre User Group 2013, Doug Johnson from Aeon Computing describes the company’s Hydra storage arrays that marry the speed of Lustre with the HA capabilities of ZFS.

The Hydra60 is a combination Lustre OSS (object storage server) and OST (object storage target) with two active/active failover nodes and shared storage in a single system chassis with an ultra dense 60 drive 6Gb SAS storage infrastructure. With a unified and zonable 6Gb SAS dual-ported backplane and drives the Hydra60 can sustain a remarkable performance while providing high-availability to volumes or object storage. With external interface options including FDR Infiniband, 40/10GbE 1Gb Ethernet and supporting Linux and Lustre releases 2.x the Hydra60 makes an excellent storage platform for Lustre performance with HA operation. The design of Hydra60 provides an affordable, redundant and resilient storage platform by leveraging RAIDZ thereby eliminating the cost of hardware RAID controller technology.”

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