Video: EIOW Exascale I/O Working Group

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In this video from the Lustre User Group 2013, Meghan McClelland from Xyratex presents: EIOW – Exascale I/O Working Group.

There is a fierce competition on the storage market to offer the best performing devices, with great management at a low price. The EIOW group, from the outset, decided that it would not attempt to offer an end-to-end solution, which would necessarily involve competing instead of working with storage providers. The focus of EIOW is on middleware to provide, for example, schemas describing data structure and layout, novel access methods to data for applications, a uniform data management infrastructure and a framework for the implementation of layered I/O software, similar in spirit to HDF5 as a specialized use of a parallel file system. We decided EIOW should be open, and have interfaces to layer on lower level storage infrastructure such as object stores, databases and file systems as provided by storage providers, to allow their expertise and leadership in this area to continue to benefit the HPC community.

Download the EIOW whitepaper and slides, or check out our LUG 2013 Video Gallery.