Video: Solarflare and Altera Building Custom Compute Platform

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One of the criticisms of FPGA computing for HPC has been a lack of useable programming tools. In this video, Russell Stern from SolarFlare describes how the company leveraged its experience with Altera FPGA tools for its AOE ApplicationOnload Engine.

Computers have always been able to perform specific tasks with the addition of application software. Solarflare’s ApplicationOnload™ Engine – AOE – transforms this model by enabling compute-intensive host software to be embedded in network adapter hardware. This greatly accelerates application performance, improves server utilization by reducing CPU, memory and I/O loads and provides an ultra-low latency interface to the network. This is Custom Compute. The tranformation of network data processing can be beneficial to many high-compute networking environments, including electronic/high-frequency trading, government and financial security, scientific research, bioinformatics/healthcare, military, analytics, oil and gas exploration, plus digital media production and broadcast, among others.

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