CANARIE Expands 100G Research & Education Network with Ciena

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This week Ciena announced that Canada’s CANARIE, Advanced Research and Innovation Network has deployed Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform for a high-speed route from Montreal and New York. The new ultra-high-speed network link will sustain the “big data” streams used in today’s advanced academic and scientific research. For example, the 100G link can allow a full two hour HD movie to download in 4/10ths of a second.

Spanning across Canada – from Victoria, BC to St John’s, NL – CANARIE’s network connects more than 89 universities, 101 colleges, 47 CEGEPS, 127 provincial and federal government labs and research parks, 62 hospitals and health networks, 24 cultural institutions, thousands of K-12 schools, 12 provincial and territorial optical network partners, and more than 100 international peer networks in 80 countries. Its unparalleled footprint and diverse user base enabled the transmission of 84,630 Terabytes of data last year. The upgraded Montreal to New York link will provide high-performance optical transport to enable the delivery of big data streams and foster greater scientific collaboration – both in-region and internationally – for key Canadian research and education centers that are working on projects including everything from particle physics to genomics and neuroscience.

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