Hermit Supercomputer Continues its Industrial Mission at HLRS

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Now well into its second year of operation, the Hermit system at HLRS in Germany still holds the title as the world’s fastest supercomputer for use in industrial research.

The Cray XE6 system with its 113,664 processing cores has been fully operational and running stably from day one, delivering an average planned system uptime of 99%. With a mean usage capacity rate of 85%, the HLRS HPC system delivers proof that it was designed for sustained performance for real applications. Approximately 60% of scientific users fall into the research realm of engineering. With 30%, physics is the second largest user community relying on Hermit for their research activities.

Hermit is looking forward to about two more years of operation, but it will soon get support from a follow-up system from Cray. The new Cray XC30 – code named Hornet – will increase performance for HLRS users by a factor of between 4 and 5, and will be operational in 2014. Read the Full Story.