InfiniBand Rocks the TOP500 with 16 Petascale Supercomputers

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The latest TOP500 once again shows that InfiniBand is the interconnect of choice for the world’s most powerful supercomputers, powering 80 percent of clustered systems and a record 16 Petascale systems on the list.

The increase in InfiniBand-connected Petascale systems demonstrates that InfiniBand provides the highest performance for clustered computing,” said Jim Ryan, co-chair of the IBTA Marketing Working Group. “Furthermore, the significant adoption rate of FDR InfiniBand technology among the TOP500 shows that institutions are relying on the newest generation of InfiniBand technology to power their mission critical systems. InfiniBand continues to help drive the TOP500 performance curve.”

According to the InfiniBand Trade Association, the latest generation FDR InfiniBand technology grew 3.3X year-over-year from 20 systems in June, 2012 to 67 in June 2013, and connects the four fastest InfiniBand-connected supercomputers. Read the Full Story.