Scalable Informatics Delivers World-Record Single-Rack I/O performance

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Last week at ISC’13, Scalable Informatics announced what its calling “the industry’s fastest single storage rack I/O solution.” According to the company, the siCloud single-rack storage system delivers record-breaking I/O performance using a tightly integrated system design.

Based on repeatable measurements, Scalable has achieved 90 GB/s and 11M IOPs performance running on a single siCloud rack with 30 siFlash server nodes and a 40GbE network infrastructure. The performance represents aggregate raw device I/O measurements for all siFlash arrays in the siCloud rack. The theoretical maximum bandwidth for this system is 96 GB/s and 11M IOPs, and continues Scalable’s track record of providing aggressively-priced high performance I/O solutions.

The siCloud RAIDs were built as RAID5 systems, with a 32k chunk size upon a set of 12 SSDs per node,” explains Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO of Scalable Informatics. “An xfs file system was layered upon the RAID5, and aggregate I/O performance for distributed workloads was measured using the fio filesytem benchmark.”

Scalable also reports results for file system export via NFS, as well as Fraunhofer Parallel File system across 30 siFlash serve nodes in the siCloud rack. Each siFlash server performed at 329k IOPs at 2.7 GB/s per machine to its local file system, producing a usable aggregate of 9.9M IOPs from the file systems, at a sustained rate of 81 GB/s.

In related news, Scalable launched its new I/O Domination Discount Program. Customers needing improved I/O performance are invited to explain how using the siCoud 90 GB/s and 11M IOPs performance can relieve their I/O bottlenecks in order to receive a purchase discount.

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