Sponsored Post: PBS Works – Unmasking the Concealed Costs & Challenges of Open Source Tools

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Software is still a major roadblock for high-performance computing (HPC), and many workload management packages are limited in flexibility. Open source workload management tools, while promising due to their availability and lack of commercial pricing, bring their own challenges and contain unforeseen costs related to training and support.

PBS Works, Altair’s suite of on-demand resource management technologies, offers a proven alternative to open source tools that addresses HPC software pain points without burdening the user with hidden costs.

With PBS Works, HPC users have a commercial, fully supported workload management solution they can rely on, offering benefits that open source tools cannot provide, including:

  • An Integrated Suite of HPC Tools: PBS Works provides not just a scheduler, but a full suite of a comprehensive solution set.
  • Cloud Computing: HPC SaaS Clouds, powered by the full PBS Works suite, including Altair’s own HyperWorks On-Demand.
  • Strong Technical Roadmap: With PBS Works, you can rely on a predictable, high-quality commercial product with faster delivery of more features.
  • Global Tech Support & Services: Market-leading 24×7 support with local experts in 18+ countries.
  • Easy to Use Interface: Simple, application-specific portals to increase user productivity and reduce the learning curve.
  • Security & Reliability: PBS Professional is the only workload manager to be globally EAL3+ security certified, ensuring our process of specification and implementation has been conducted in a rigorous manner.
  • Scalability: PBS Professional easily scales to support configurations from work group clusters to the largest single-system image supercomputers.
  • Performance: PBS Professional’s scheduler speed is up to 40% faster; 10x faster power-on startup, and 10x faster node configuration, all on huge, complex systems.

Visit pbsworks.com to learn more of PBS Works’ HPC offerings and the limitations to open source workload management tools.