Student Cluster Teams Defy Moore's Law at ISC'13

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Over at the Student Cluster Competition Blog, Dan Olds has written up the official results from the ISC’13 Klusterkamph, including the record 8.4 Teraflop Linpack score achieved by Huazong University of Science & Technology.

It’s surprising to see just how quickly the students have advanced the LINPACK frontier in just the past year. At the 2012 ISC competition, the top LINPACK came in at 2.561 TFlop/s. The new high-water mark, set at ISC’13 last week, is a little over 3x higher. Looking at the chart above, we see that LINPACK scores are a full 8x higher now vs. 2010, when SCC teams first breached the TFlop/s barrier. If scores were simply tracking up at a Moore’s Law-like rate, we’d be seeing a max LINPACK somewhere in the 4TFlop/s neighborhood.

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