Titan Completes Acceptance Testing

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This week the Titan supercomputer at ORNL completed rigorous acceptance testing to ensure the functionality, performance and stability of the machine, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputing systems for open science. As the fastest supercomputer in the world in the November 2012 TOP500, Titan is a Cray XK7 supercomputer comprises 18,688 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, 299,008 AMD Opteron CPU cores, and 710 terabytes of memory.

The real measure of a system like Titan is how it handles working scientific applications and critical scientific problems,” said Buddy Bland, project director at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility. “The purpose of Titan’s incredible power is to advance science, and the system has already shown its abilities on a range of important applications and has validated ORNL’s decision to rely on GPU accelerators.”

According to reports in KnoxNews, the Titan system acceptance was delayed due to a problem with faulty solder connections at the pc board level, which required extensive rework by Cray. Read the Full Story.