Video: Greener Buildings Through the HPC4Energy Incubator

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In this video, Dr. J. Michael McQuade, Senior Vice President, Science and Technology at United Technologies, and Dr. Bob LaBarre, Principal Mathematician & Group Leader for System Dynamics & Optimization at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), discuss the collaboration between UTRC and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with the HPC4Energy Incubator.

In order to best understand the impacts of a large number of building parameters, UTRC aims to run thousands of simulations, exploring the building model parameter space. By parallelizing these simulations, the time required to complete the thousands of simulations will be reduced from weeks to a few hours. The information provided by these simulations will allow building operators to understand which parameters play the most significant roles in building energy usage and how one might vary these parameters within acceptable comfort ranges to affect this usage. This information also will help building operators eager to retrofit their building to gain energy efficiency and reduce operation costs.

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