Cray Embraces New Markets

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Over at the Seattle Star, Skip Ferderber writes that Cray has stayed relevant through the years by continuing to reinvent itself.

The rising star on Cray’s horizon may well be the California-based YarcData subsidiary, which produces the Urika graph analytics computer system that is being used to tackle Medicare fraud. The computer has a breakthrough hardware architecture that can deal with 10 to 20 times more data at once than other computer systems. “If you can’t hold that data inside [your computer] for that big a problem, you can’t deal with the problem,” says Steve Conway, IDC’s research vice president for high-performance computing. The Urika system also has the ability to move data around and process it quickly, taking into account the newest data. Conway believes Cray will emerge as one of the leaders in Big Data.

Ferderber notes that Cray does remain heavily dependent of government business, but that is starting to change. With their new storage division and systems targeted at commercial customers such as Exxon, Boeing and GE, Cray has boosted sales to nongovernment customers to a point where they account for roughly 10 percent of total revenue. Read the Full Story.