Jaguar Land Rover Looks to Digital Modeling to Improve Designs

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Over at Professional Engineering, Lee Hibbert writes that Jaguar Land Rover is playing a leading role in a £10 million virtual engineering research program with EPSRC and four leading UK universities. The aim of the work is to the research is intended to improve the quality and capabilities of its simulation activities, from finite element analysis of individual component and subsystem design, through to whole-car visualization.

From JLR’s point of view, it wants to produce better cars and bring them to market in a shorter timeframe,” said Dr Mark Claydon-Smith at EPSRC. “But as models become more complex, there is a limit to what can be achieved from physical testing. So these projects will build on JLR’s existing knowledge, improving its capability in the medium term. From the academic side, the research will focus on systems engineering and new design methods and tools. It’s the sort of work that is hard to do in a laboratory. JLR has been generous in opening up its practices to provide real-world problems and information.”

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