Leadership Systems Power High-Impact Science

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Over at HPC for Energy, Julia White writes that in the ten years since its inception, the INCITE program continues to award supercomputing resources in its vision to couple high-end computing with high-impact science.

As far reaching as the scientific and engineering domains welcomed into the INCITE program, are their accomplishments. In 2007, modeling the basis of Parkinson’s disease was named the #1 computational accomplishment in DOE’s Breakthroughs. In 2008 and 2009, Nature and Science featured an INCITE project yielding the largest simulation of a galaxy’s worth of dark matter, which showed for the first time the fractal-like appearance of dark matter substructure. The world’s first continuous simulation of 21,000 years of Earth’s climate history in Science, 2009, was followed in 2010 by an unprecedented simulation of a magnitude-8 earthquake over 125 square miles. More recently, physicists examining the basic building blocks of atoms have calculated the number of bound nuclei in nature, as featured in Nature, 2012.

White goes on to say that while the cost to deliver any single INCITE award is on the order of one to several million dollars, the value delivered to researchers is scientific discovery on a scale previously unimagined. Read the Full Story.