Visual Supercomputing – Nvidia Geoint Accelerator Wrangles Geospatial Big Data

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Today Nvidia announced the GeoInt Accelerator, a GPU-accelerated geospatial intelligence platform to enable security analysts to find actionable insights quicker and more accurately than ever before from vast quantities of raw data, images and video.

Today’s intelligence analyst needs information based on imagery, video, signals intelligence, human intelligence and other sources, in a geospatial context and ‘at rate,’” said Nick Buck, CEO Buck Consulting Group and former IT executive with the NRO Ground Directorate. “The NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator provides developers the opportunity to unleash the power of GPU computing to quickly combine the variety and volume of data sources at the speed needed for mission support, enabling new levels of performance with minimal investment.”

While Nvidia GPU accelerators are already widely used in the defense industry for imaging, video, and signal processing, the new GeoInt Accelerator represents a huge opportunity for new business. With a plethora of cameras, drones, and sensors coming online every day, the intelligence community just can’t keep up. Some estimate that as many 100,000 analysts will need to be brought onboard to deal it all. That could mean a lot of seats for Nvidia, who offers the Accelerator as kind of a reference stack that defense contractors can outfit with their favorite software.

For an example application, this video shows how the performance of CPUs vs. GPUs compare on the Luciad geospatial situational awareness application. Their line-of-sight analysis runs 75x faster with GPUs, delivering better insight to the data.

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