Pleiades Supercomputer to Upgrade to 2.87 Petaflops

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The NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division is upgrading their flagship Pleiades supercomputer with the latest-generation Intel Ivy Bridge processors. As one of the world’s most powerful production systems, the SGI ICE X system is a critical resource for scientists and engineers to conduct modeling and simulation projects for the agency’s aeronautics, Earth and space sciences, space operations and exploration missions.

The goal of the NTR is to increase the sustained computing capacity of the NAS facility by at least a factor of 4 every three years. Once the newest resources are in place later this summer, Pleiades’ computational capacity is expected to increase from a peak of 1.78 to approximately 2.87 petaflops.

The new resources are scheduled for release to the user community in late summer or early fall 2013. Read the Full Story.