Purdue Supercomputing Empowers Researchers

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Over at JC online, Gerhard Klimeck from the Network for Computational Nanotechnology writes how Purdue’s nation-leading supercomputing resources empower researchers.

Now that much of science is done through computational simulations, large, high-performance computers are a new and powerful way to attract top faculty. Schools such as Michigan, UCLA and Berkeley are looking with envy at what Purdue is able to offer new faculty. Having these computers also allows Purdue to offer resources to scientists and engineers around the world, especially through science community websites called HUBs. My peers look at what we can offer through nanoHUB, for example, and to them it’s just unfathomable how we are able to do this. We’re able to do it because these supercomputers are the backbone of Purdue’s cyberinfrastructure, and it has allowed Purdue to become recognized more than ever before as a true, global leader in science and engineering.

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