Preprocessing DNA Data for Less with GENALICE MAP

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This week bio IT firm GENALICE in the Netherlands announced the completion of the first customer validation study of MAP, a pre-beta alignment solution that preprocesses DNA data using commodity dual-processor hardware. According to the company, MAP can process raw DNA data produced by next-generation sequencers in an ultra-fast, cost-effective and reliable way into a small file for easier manageability and lower storage cost.

In a carefully designed proof of concept study with ambitious validation criteria, the GENALICE MAP development team faced significant challenges set by one of world’s leading agro-industrial crop improvement companies, said Hans Karten, Genalice CTO. “GENALICE MAP output files showed the demanded high concurrence with BWA aligned data; but was up to 60 times faster, and resulted in a storage footprint reduction of up to 70-fold. GENALICE MAP has been demonstrated to be an ultra-fast, cost-effective and reliable new alignment tool, which is capable of performing well even under the difficult circumstances associated with plant genetics”.

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