Video: Wright-Patterson Fires Up Fastest Supercomputer in the DoD

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In this video, local news channel WDTN looks at the new SGI Spirit supercomputer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. As the fastest supercomputer in the Department of Defense, it is not only meant to save lives but also save money in military spending.

As one of the world’s fastest distributed memory platforms, the SGI ICE X system enables Spirit with 144 TB of memory and one of the largest and fastest pure compute InfiniBand clusters. Running on standard Redhat Enterprise Linux, the SGI ICE X Spirit Supercomputer is housed in 32 M-racks and includes 2,304 (IP-115 Gemini Twin) compute blades with cold-sink technology. It features 9,216 sockets (73,728 cores) powered by Intel Xeon E5 processor 2600 series operating at 2.6 GHz and boasts a theoretical peak performance of over 1.5 petaflops, further proving its ranking on the TOP500 list. The Spirit supercomputer also leverages the SGI InfiniteStorage 5500 providing 6.72 PB of storage and operating on the SGI Lustre file system.

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