After Losing Contract, UH Continues to Run Maui High Performance Computing Center

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Over at Pacific Business News, Duane Shimogawa writes that the Univerisity of Hawaii continues to manage and operate the Maui High Performance Computing Center a year after it lost the contract to Virginia-based SAIC.

The Air Force conducted a competition for a successor contractor in 2011-12,” a UH spokeswoman told PBN. “Their selection of a successor to UH has been protested and the successor contract award stayed.” A spokeswoman for the Virginia company told PBN in an email that it must refer all questions regarding the Maui High Performance Computing Center contract to the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate while the contract is under protest. The Air Force did not immediately respond to PBN’s request for comment.

The Maui High Performance Computing Center employs approximately 60 people, providing more than 38 million compute hours per year in high-tech research for the military.

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  1. How is this possible? Sounds corrupt to me or is the government working like it should?