Biotech Companies Seeing ROI in HPC Systems

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"We're able to rip through thousands of images with these systems. We then take, say, 40 gigabytes' worth of sample data and analyze it using our proprietary software, and — in about 15 minutes — get the diagnostic answers we need," Richards says.Over at BizTech, Kym Gilhooly writes that a growing number of businesses are acknowledging “to compete, you must compute,” turning to HPC systems to supercharge modeling, simulation and data analysis.

The commoditization of technologies used within HPC systems puts them within reach of SMBs, says James Lowey, vice president of technology at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), where he’s been involved in the deployment of three supercomputers since 2003. Processing genomics data creates unique technology demands for the Phoenix nonprofit, but Lowey says some SMBs can take advantage of packaged HPC systems priced for entry-level adoption. “You can get 512 cores, storage and fast networking capabilities in fully integrated systems,” Lowey says. “They’re available in a single rack that you essentially plug in and start using. You just need to install the software you want them to run.”

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