A New Look for insideHPC

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hpc-logo-stackedWelcome to our newly redesigned insideHPC layout!

We have a lot of big changes in store, but I wanted to let our readers know that this is all about our ongoing mission to serve you better. As our surveys have shown, the lion’s share of insideHPC readers are users of high performance computing. That’s why we’re focused on delivering HPC News Without the Noise.

A lot has changed in the HPC community since I took over insideHPC back in 2010, and we’ve enjoyed rapid growth in our readership as result. Now it’s time for us to re-invest and deliver HPC news with an all-new format that makes it easier to find the news that matters to you.

After all, shouldn’t a news outlet that’s all about innovation actually innovate once in while? We think so. Thanks for joining us.

Rich Brueckner
President, insideHPC