Paul Grun Named Vice Chair of OpenFabrics Alliance

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Today the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) announced that Paul Grun from Cray has been named as the organization’s new vice chair.

Paul is a proven professional in the high-tech industry and brings with him years of experience working in the strategic application of I/O technology, solving enterprise problems and creating advanced datacenters for the enterprise and government industries,” said Jim Ryan, chairman, OFA. “I am pleased that Paul has offered his time and expertise to serve as the OpenFabrics Alliance’s vice chair and am honored to be working side-by-side with him to ensure the continued success of the alliance.”

Grun brings a large system perspective and more than 30 years experience in server I/O including work on both large-scale storage systems and development of high performance networks. Grun has been influential within the OpenFabrics Alliance since before its inception and his recent posting as the OFA’s vice chair is further recognition of his significant involvement with the alliance.

In this video from the recent Open Fabrics Workshop, Jim Ryan and Paul Grun from OFA discuss where the organization is headed in the future.