Regional Research Projects Awarded Time on Yellowstone Supercomputer

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NCAR has awarded 10.2 million core processor hours on the Yellowstone supercomputer for four computational research projects focused on key issues in the West.

These allocations will support major research projects at UW that will enable scientists to better understand the behavior of atmospheric, biological, geological and hydrological systems that are related to important societal and, indeed, Wyoming-specific issues, such as: How can Wyoming’s water be most effectively managed to meet municipal, agricultural, ecological, energy related and recreational needs? How do aerosols from forest fires, volcanic eruptions and air pollution affect cloud formation and precipitation? What is the most effective design for a wind turbine?” says Bryan Shader, UW’s special assistant to the vice president of research and economic development, and a mathematics professor.

With a mission to explore Earth science, the Yellowstone supercomputer is a 1.5 Petaflop IBM iDataPlex cluster with 72,288 cores and an aggregate memory of 144.6 Terabytes.

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