SciNet in Canada Tunes Code with Allinea

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SciNet has adopted Allinea Software’s debugging and profiling tools to accelerate software development on Canada’s leading HPC systems.

Relied on by over 45 of the world’s top 100 supercomputers, Allinea DDT is now helping Canadian scientists stay focused on science using Toronto’s SciNet, the country’s largest supercomputer center. The facility has a multi-platform system that combines IBM Power, x86, and Blue Gene/Q architectures plus GPUs.

Allinea DDT is widely used here,” said Dr. Daniel Gruner, CTO-Software for SciNet. “It was the only tool that fit the bill with our multiple platforms and GPUs and we’ve had great success with it. We have been able to quickly find bugs in user codes, and even in system libraries!”

SciNet has also purchased an Allinea MAP license for its x86 systems. Because Allinea MAP uses the same interface as Allinea DDT, scientists can analyze code performance without having to learn a new tool. Read the Full Story.