Ultra-High-Speed Data Transfer – the Next Big Thing for Life Sciences

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When it comes to life sciences and Big Data, the advantages of Cloud computing can often be overshadowed by the limitations of the network. In this slidecast, Chris Gough from Intel Jay Migliaccio from Aspera describe the benefits of the FASP ultra-high speed transport technology.

Aspera’s patented FASP transfer technology is an innovative software that eliminates the fundamental shortcomings of conventional, TCP-based file transfer technologies such as FTP and HTTP. As a result, fasp transfers achieve speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP/HTTP and provide a guaranteed delivery time regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions, including transfers over satellite, wireless, and inherently long distance and unreliable international links. FASP also provides complete visibility into bandwidth utilization and extraordinary control over transfer rates and bandwidth sharing with other network traffic. Complete security is built-in, including secure endpoint authentication, on-the-fly data encryption, and integrity verification.