Video: Designing Optimized MPI Broadcast and Allreduce for MIC Architecture

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In this video from the 2013 Hot Interconnects Conference, Krishna Kandalla presents: Designing Optimized MPI Broadcast and Allreduce for Many Integrated Core (MIC) InfiniBand Clusters.

The emergence of co-processors such as Intel Many Integrated Cores (MICs) is changing the landscape of supercomputing. The MIC is a memory constrained environment and its processors also operate at slower clock rates. Further, the communication characteristics between MIC processes are also different compared to communication between host processes. Communication libraries that do not consider these architectural subtleties cannot deliver good communication performance. The performance of MPI collective operations strongly affect the performance of parallel applications. Owing to the challenges introduced by the emerging heterogeneous systems, it is critical to fundamentally re-design collective algorithms to ensure that applications can fully leverage the MIC architecture.

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