Altair Launches Private Cloud Appliance for CAE

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Hyperworks UnlimitedThis week Altair announced the launch of HyperWorks Unlimited, a fully configured hardware and software appliance for computer-aided engineering (CAE). Described as a state-of-the-art managed private cloud solution, HyperWorks Unlimited offers unlimited use of all Altair software including HyperWorks applications and PBS Works workload management tools. With HyperWorks Unlimited, users no longer have restricted access to HyperWorks software applications, making HPC far more accessible for the CAE community.

As a global leader in CAE and workload management software, Altair is uniquely positioned with our domain knowledge and software licensing model to lower the barriers of high-performance technical cloud computing,” said James R. Scapa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Altair. “Procuring, managing and maintaining large HPC clusters is a complex and challenging process, especially for small and medium businesses. HyperWorks Unlimited addresses this issue head-on by providing limitless access to our software within a pre-configured, fully supported hardware appliance for cloud-based simulation.”

Altair has partnered with SGI as the primary hardware provider for HyperWorks Unlimited, offering full capabilities of compute, networking and storage resources. HyperWorks Unlimited is available now.

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