Architecture of Tilera TILE-Gx8072 Manycore Processor

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In this video from the 2013 Hot Interconnects Conference, Matthew Mattina presents: Architecture and Performance of the Tilera TILE-Gx8072 Manycore Processor.

This talk describes the Tilera TILE-Gx processor architecture, discusses the design choices, and presents performance results on representative applications for the 72-core TILE-Gx72™, the flagship processor in Tilera’s TILE-Gx™ family. This processor family is comprised of a series of high-performance, low-power 64-bit manycore processor SoCs, tightly coupled with high performance packet processing. These highly integrated processors deliver exceptional performance and performance-per-watt in the embedded networking, cyber security, and high throughput computing markets. Of particular interest is the iMesh network-on-chip, which scales to 100s of cores and provides high-speed interconnection of all on-die elements and cache coherence across the chip.”

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