Boston’s Ivy Bridge Venom Could be World’s Fastest PC

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Boston Venom 2401-7T

Boston Venom 2401-7T

Over at Digital Arts, Neil Bennett writes that Boston LTD’s new Venom machine with a pair of the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors may well be the world’s fastest PC.

As you’d expect from a showcase machine, the Venom 2401-7T is not exactly what you’d call affordable unless you’re in a part of the creative industries where performance is much more important than price – in which case you’re going to love this ten grand beast. What your money would be going on is two 3.4GHz 8-core Xeon E5 2687W V2 processors, a Supermicro X9DAI motherboard, 64GB of 1,866MHz RAM, two mirrored 120GB SSDs for Windows and your apps, and two striped 2TB 7,200rpm hard drives for your projects.

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