Dell and HP Reveal Mammoth Modular Datacenters at eBay

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Over at Datacenter Knowledge, Rich Miller writes that eBay’s new data center in Utah features advanced data center modules to deploy high-density servers.

Dell collaborated with eBay on a new EPIC module that the companies say is the world’s densest modular design. Packing 1 megawatt of IT capacity into 24 50kW racks, the Dell EPIC module is cooled solely by fresh air and evaporative cooling.

The Dell EPIC modular data center has gone live at the eBay data center in Utah. The unit houses 1 megawatt of IT gear in 24 racks.

Meanwhile, HP says a new EcoPod module developed with eBay is the largest single-module deployment ever, with 44 racks of gear offering 1.4 megawatts of power capacity. The EcoPod offers additional capacity by using a “double-wide” design that joins two 40-foot containers, and can use outside air in its cooling system.

The HP EcoPod module at the eBay data center near Salt Lake City.

We’ve come a long way since Sun pioneered this technology with Project Black Box. And while I think it is fascinating to see the evolution of these modular datacenters, they still have not gotten much traction in the HPC space.

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