Erich Strohmaier on the Challenges of Exascale

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ISC_07_top500Over at Energy.Gov, Ben Dotson has posted an interesting interview with TOP500 co-founder Erich Strohmaier from Berkeley Lab. Strohmaier offers his views on benchmarking, exascale, and working in the field of supercomputing.

As with each successive leap in supercomputing capability, exascale will allow scientists to study the most challenging problems in much greater detail with much greater accuracy. DOE is currently supporting three projects — called co-design because the science application researchers are working with computer scientists — to create exascale systems that will help study combustion, to improve efficiency and reduce pollution; help study the behavior of materials in extreme environments, which has applications in energy production and national security; and help study the performance of advanced reactors for generating electricity. Climate research will also clearly benefit from exascale computing.

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